Insurance Certificate
It is very easy to obtain a Certificate of Insurance for The Residences at The Joffrey Tower Condominium Association master insurance program. (Typically your bank will ask for this information of you on an annual basis. ) With a couple of mouse clicks and a few keystrokes to enter the information you can print the certificate at your computer.

Please read the following instructions. All choices must be indicated by “clicking” on the appropriate box with your mouse. Do not use the “enter” key on your keyboard.

1. Visit the Internet address by clicking here: The website will open in a new window.  The remaining directions should be completed on the Lockton website.

2. On the right side of the Lockton LLC web page, click on box: “Certificate Request”

3. Select “Create Login”

4. Enter in your email address (This is in case you forget your password in the future, it will be sent to this email account).

5. Fill in your information in the required fields (First and Last name, email, and create a password).

6. Enter the first word or address of the Association name and click on box: “Next”

7. Highlight the correct Association in Select Certificate menu box and click on box: “Next”

8. Complete request information on the Condominium Certificate Request form. The information that you type into the Owner(s)/Mortgage Information and Certificate Holder/Mortgage Clause will appear exactly as you type it.

Owner/Mortgage Information is for the purchaser (in event of a sale)
Certificate Holder/Mortgage Clause: most lenders ask that the wording “Its successors and/or assigns” be added after the company. This can be done on the second line.

9. Click on the box “Submit”. The certificate will appear on your monitor exactly as you’ve input the information. Before clicking on submit, be sure that your “pop-up blocker” is OFF or the certificate of insurance will not appear. (Go to “Tools”, “Turn Off Pop-up Blocker”).

10. Click on “Print” command on your internet browser menu bar or file command. You should receive your certificate at your printer.

Thank you for using our web-based certificate system.

Our FAX and phone numbers for Lockton LLC Financial Services, the association's insurance provider are(404)460-0729 and (404)460-0829, respectively. 

A service of The Joffrey Tower Residents