Home Wise documents
Homewise Docs was created to help simplify the process of delivering and obtaining Homeowners Association data needed for real estate transactions.

Via the Homewisedocs website, buyers and sellers can:
  • Request a Paid Assessment Letter (PAL),
  • Obtain a completed Condominium Questionnaire,
  • Obtain a copy of the Association's 22.1 Disclosure document,
  • Obtain a copy of the Association's Articles of Incorporation,
  • Obtain a copy of the Declaration of Association, Amendments and Bylaws,
  • Obtain a copy of the Association Meeting Minutes,
  • Obtain a copy of the Association Annual Budget,
  • and other items required by lenders and others involved in the sales process.
Please visit Homewisedocs at www.homewisedocs.com

Please note:
  • You must create a Homewisedocs login to access these documents and services.
  • Sales documents are updated on a monthly basis and are provided via the Homewisedocs website for a fee.
  • If you need assistance with the Homewisedocs website, click on the "Click here for online help" icon located at the top of every page. A live representative will assist you with you issue via online chat.

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